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Concession Schedules and Needs

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NISD Booster Clubs (Athletic and Band) are required to provide volunteers to work the NISD sporting events. In return, Booster Clubs receive a portion of the profit earned at these events. In the past, that amount has been about $8000 a year, which is a LOT of money for our sports program that is used for updating equipment, buying new uniforms, and scholarships.

With 11 high schools in NISD, each with about 15 Varsity teams, that means a lot of volunteers are needed for the numerous sporting events that take place year round. The GOOD news is that we have a great group of students and parents in our Athletic program who have always been willing to help. If everyone worked just two events each year, we would not have any problems covering all our assigned dates. The BAD news is that we can be fined for not providing enough volunteers. In fact, we can lose up to $600 an event for not having people working when we are assigned. That’s about 1 scholarship that we won’t be able to provide because we can’t get people to help out for a few hours.

Each event requires the assistance of both adults and students as NISD rules do not allow those under the age of 18 to handle money. So, we need adults to help conduct the sales and students to get drinks, food, popcorn, etc., to the windows. The best news is that all of this is done in a fun environment and doesn’t require any training or skills. Boosters will have a leader at each concession who will run the event.

Seniors wanting to apply for an athletic scholarship this year will need to work at least six concession events in addition to meeting the other eligibility requirements. Their parents can also work some of the concessions to help the Senior meet the required six. Also, ALL students can use volunteer hours from concessions toward their required AVID, NHS volunteer hours.

Different events require a different number of volunteers. Football concessions require 26 people. Softball concessions usually only needs 3. Boosters will send out an email/text a few days before the event to remind you of your service, where to go, and when.

Ready to help? Here is a list of upcoming dates. Keep in mind that we will NEVER work our own Football game.

Date: Thursday, Nov 2       Time: 5:30 pm     Place: Farris Stadium (8400 N. Loop 1604)

  • We need 26 people for this FB game

Date: Tuesday, Nov 14      Time: 4:30 pm       Place: Northside Gym (8400 N. Loop 1604)

  • We need 6 people for this Basketball game

Date: Tuesday, Nov 28       Time: 5:15 pm      Place: Harlan HS Competition Gym

  • We need 4 people for this Boys Basketball game.

Date: Saturday, Dec 16       Time: 11:30 am    Place: Northside Gym (8400 N. Loop 1604)

  • We need 6 people for this Basketball game

Date: Tuesday, Jan 9       Time: 5:30 pm        Place: Northside Gym (8400 N. Loop 1604)

  • We need 6 people for Basketball FB game

Date: Friday, Jan 26       Time: 5:30 pm        Place: Northside Gym(8400 N. Loop 1604)

  • We need 6 people for this Basketball game

** More Dates to Come. Softball, Baseball, and Track Dates will be posted soon.**

If you can help, please send an email to ramsprograms@gmail.com with the date you can help, if you’ll be bringing family members (you do not need to be a member of Boosters to help), and include an email and cell phone where you can receive a reminder.

Thanks so much! Your Rams appreciate your support.