Concession Schedules and Needs

NEW 2020-2021:
The assigned dates have been updated on the Sign Up Genius

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NISD Booster Clubs (Athletic and Band) are required to provide volunteers to work the NISD sporting events. Each event requires the assistance of both adults and students. Different events require a different number of volunteers.

Seniors wanting to apply for an athletic scholarship, are required to work at least six NISD concession events in addition to satisfying other eligibility requirements. Their parents can also work some of the concessions to help the Senior meet the required six. Also, ALL students can use volunteer hours from concessions toward their required AVID, NHS volunteer hours.

We will NEVER work our own Football game.

The Signup Genius will send out an email/text a few days before the event to remind you of your service, where to go, and when.

Sign Up Genius:

We look forward to seeing you; your Rams appreciate your support!

** We will continue to update the dates as they are assigned.**